Saturday, September 18, 2010

Due Date.

alert: this post is very not interesting. bcoz i'm actually writing wat i'm thinking, jz to release stress maybe. i didnt try to use words and sentences that could sound entertaining nor interesting to the readers. so, i dun recommend u to read, but if u insist reading it, i couldnt do anything.

Yesterday night (Thursday 10pm), one of my groupmate told me (after i asked her things related to the project) that we had to submit a progress report on coming Monday. I really 'love' the lecturer, she didnt even tell us this, and she posted this up in elearning when we were off to raya holiday. And ppl with conscious minds know that people wont go to elearning during holiday except those insane ppl. (what? u are one of them? sorry, but... no excuse, u are indeed insane if u go elearning during holiday) 

Okay, so what now? we had done NOTHING for the project. So how are we going to submit a PROGRESS report while we had no progress at all? hmm.. worried, and a bit panic and alot lot of stress. I'm telling my groupmates, they dun nid to sleep on sunday night. We have to rush the report by hook or by crook, maybe creating some false progress or craps, i dunno! but we have to fix this! However, i know, last minute work is always bad, and cant score. So, i'm feeling sad. Sad + stressed are deadly!

Now is saturday early morning (3am), and why didnt i start doing it on friday? reason? i couldnt access elearning. and now i could access elearning (at 1am), and i dun want to do. reason? no mood. what does that mean? no cure! stressed but want to start doing it... and the only way to solve the 'stress' is to start doing it. but i'm not doing it, so i continue feel stressed. i shud slp, right? but i dun feel like sleeping? stupid? yeah. i wanted to delay.. to later.. and later and later.. this sem i always delaying work. why? i dunno. bad? yes. fix it? no. zzzz

ok, whatever, jz to type the first thing came into my mind. this post is special. i didnt think what i'm going to write. i'm writign what i am thinking at the moment. so, it could be a bit confusing, u know la, brain processes thing quite fast and complicated. anyway, that's all for this post. wasted ur time reading it? i think so.  let me now add an alert in the beginning of the post to warn u all not to read this post.