Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Luck Huh?

I thought i become stupid after internship. Not only stupid, but lazier too. Basically the equation of studies is like this:

Academic Performance = Smart * Hard Work (Effort spent on studying)

In other words, to achieve the same result, smart people don't need to study that hard while not-that-smart people have to study harder. And now, refer to the first paragraph, i have not only bcome stupid'er but also lazier. Hmmm.. based on the equation, my academic performance should be dropped like shit. BUT, amazingly, it didn't. Good luck huh?

Perhaps i'm not that stupid as i thought. My intelligence somehow remains after all those rotten days. Quite unlikely, but possible. Or maybe I'm not that lazy as i thought. But that's impossible, i know how lazy i am. Or the last possiblity is due to pure luck?

Honestly, for the first test, I scored quite well, better than i expected. If you count the average, out of three tests i actually score an average mark of 9.8/10. Frankly, i was a bit amazed by myself. And i admit that i didnt study very hard. So what? i am still smart or i'm just lucky?

I knew being arrogant will later has its consequences. And after i got an A for my internship, I don't really have much worries (except for the annoying project). Should I continue rotting myself? Well, i know the answer in rational wise, moral wise, society wise and common sense wise, the answer is no. But..  

Back to issue, i think it is really just lucky.. I can foresee some A- this semester. It's time to drop my cgpa, or like some fellows said, "it's time to balance up your cgpa"  Balance up? Balance down will be more appropriate.


Chiang Jinn said...

borrow sikit ur lucksss.

Wei Han said...

can i be selfish a bit and say no? lol
luck is like money, never enough de.

Chiang Jinn said...

haha..sure you can be selfish.
because I started to realize soemtimes selfishness is good our own sakes, as long as we didnt hurt other ppl =)

then u should keep ur luck nicely, for ur own use only. never borrow to other ppl, just like never borrow money to some1 who will never return back to you. =)

Wei Han said...

lol.. later the luck saw me selfish. think i'm an unworthy owner and left me..
轮不到我 keep er. haha