Sunday, March 29, 2009

bye bye midsem break

No matter how much I want this midsem break, it is leaving anyway.

It's not polite to leave without saying goodbye.. And thus, I'm saying goodbye to it. "bye midsem break".

This 1-week-holiday was very weird. It seems like it has mysterious power to make me so attached to it. I think I'm in danger status already. I am so lazy this sem. Perhaps it's time to do something to make myself 'rational' and 'wake up from dream'. 

ALthough there are 4 projects (not including that stupid HSE assignment) awaiting me, I am ready for it.. HAHAHAHA.. from today on, I will become a study freak! like my roommate, kakaka (sorry for melibatkan u, roommate.. lol) Well, I personally don't have any confidence that I will do as what I have said just now. But try le.. Week 10 d.. must do something... Cannot terus become rubbish.. Rubbish is smelly, u know? I know. (ok.. those 2 sentences simply crap one, ignore them) Sigh... I've been sighing for many many times.. It's time to keep my sigh and start doing something meaningful.. But before that, let me sigh for this last time..


 ok... All the best, myself, you(I) can do it! 

Oops.. sorry for wasting ur time for reading this.. Basically this post is quite meaningless.. hahahaha..  just a post to write to myself, i think.. Anyway, that's the end of this post... Hmmm.. pictures... I know post without pictures are pretty boring.. ok la.. i simply put one pic la..


a pic taken after finished writing the post... no face c ppl a... Coz was crying that time.. My room was flooded by my tears jz now.. So scary.. luckily i have a boat for myself.. Else, I might get myself killed.. no la.. just simply pose la... lol.. jz realized it is quite ugly... give me suggestion shud I edit this post to remove the picture.. ok la.. bye midsem break. 


KahJoon_AJ said...

yes yes yes!!!u should remove ur pic...but then upload another leng zai pic on it!!!wakaka...lolz...crap post!!!haha

Xjion89 said...

haizzzz, i wan holiday~~~

Wei Han said...

not goodlooking person,
how can put a goodlooking picture lea..

not the picture's fault..
I'm glad that there are ppl reading this. I'm amazed. lol