Friday, March 27, 2009

Indochina trip - Vietnam (i promise this is the last)

Hanoi - New Year 2009

 We purposely rushed back to Hanoi to witness how Hanoian celebrate their new year. And at that very special new year eve, we went to the city centre. It seemed that all Hanoian and other foreigners in Hanoi (like us) were gathered in this place. This caused a seriouThs traffic problem! We couldnt even stand at the same spot. Everyone is pushing forward or backward to 'exit' from the human waves. Well, I had a little fun experience here. When me and Calvin were on the way 'pushing', there was this guy, a quite a huge size middle aged guy pushing Calvin aggresively to the front. That time,i was wondering why was he doing so, he was in a hurry or what.. Suddenly, the person 'changed target' and i became the one that being pushed. I was suspecting something and suddenly he hugged me ( used his hand to wrap my body). I was a bit shocked that time and at that second i felt a hand (another person's) slip into my pants pockets. "gosh!, theft!" shouting in my mind. I quickly used my hand to 'attack' that 'long hand'(panjang tangan). Luckily the hand retreated and I declared I won! (ok.. ignore the and I declared... part , juz crapping). Probably he cant get anything, although my handphone was in that pocket, he probably manage to touch the 'tissue papers' instead of my handphone. It was a frightening experience. Luckily, I had this agility and smartness (hahaha, crapping) else my handphone would be gone.

the crowded ppl in Hanoi

After we went for our New Year Eve dinner (long time never ate expensive stuff), we waited for the countdown. The countdown was not as good as we expected. Instead, it was kinda lame. Everyone was counting their own seconds, and we didnt even know that it was already new year. THere wasnt any central clock that allow everyone to follow.. Lame~

the place we ate our new year eve dinner.. the aunties there treat me eat ice cream. So nice!

waiting to countdown..

Sapa - super cold!

We said goodbye to Hanoi again and we went for our second tour to Sapa. In its Winter season, though there wasnt any snow when we went there, it was terrible experience for me. Who could imagine that even Vietnam can get so cold, we were still in South East Asia, man. We didn't prepare any thick thick jacket or wat to protect us from the cold. And thus, I was wearing 4 layers all the time. lol. It wasnt very interesting the places. The interesting part is the weather, that's it (in my opinion). We tried some non-halal food here. shhhh.. (ignore this part if u are muslim) we ate dog meat and horse meat.. kaka.. Suffered badly from the coldness there. First time i had this bad experience of sleeping. We dun hav heater in that room.( but for sure we have hot water for bath la). Can you imagine when u are sleeping on the bed, u cannot even move even a little bit? Because once u move, u willl get in touch with those super cold bed and it will make u shiver. swt.. Sleep at the same pose whole day.. really going to get crazy... I really prefer to sleep in the train than here. Luckily we just stayed here for one day. To be honest, I skipped bathing one day.. keke.. Wont b dirty and smelly la.. U wont swt there. lol.

on the way to Sapa by train

My room! wearing 4 layers that time.. 

Actually Sapa has a nice scenery

This tribe people are very very friendly.. only if u buy things from them.

Hanoi - food tour

Back to Hanoi from train. That time we had this a little bit sad feeling ( and happy) as we were going to go back already. The last 2 days in Hanoi before going back to Malaysia. We had our food tour around Hanoi, trying all those food that we had missed out. Coz at this time, we realized we actually bring back money home (means we spent less than budget). We didnt care so much on the money spent, eat eat and eat. Coz i dun think i wont come back here anymore. We ennjoyed ourselves to fullest.. And we ate buffet lunch! haha.. The restaurant sure rugi, coz we eat like ghost of hunger. lol. (it made me stomachache and couldnt move for an hour that time, too full d). At the last night in Hanoi, we simply spent all the money just to get rid of all those local currency. lol...

Me and Calvin eating buffet (not this pic la, in this pic we were posing.. )

Back to Malaysia.... 

There was already a post in this part.. check it from my previous posts. 

Finallyyyyyyy i finished la! i went to this trip at december 2008 and now it's end of march 2009. lol.. So glad that i finally end this series of posts. lol. thank you for supporting.. //**I want to thank my parents to support me, my friends for giving me this chance, my producer (do i have one?) , and blogspot creator. And last but not least, my fellow 'fans'. Without u guys, i wont have this success. kakakaka **//end of crap.