Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indochina trip - Vietnam (finish up)

Honestly, i'm getting very tired of wrting posts bout Vietnam trip, coz it seems endless. So, now i will just highlight the points instead of saying everything like last time.

Dalat - the flower town

Dalat is one the most wonderful place throughout the trip! It is like Cameron Highland. It's the flower city. CIty fulll of flowers. THe weather is like Genting Highland, but cooler coz it is very windy. Everytime I would shiver when we went out for dinner. THat's the place i decided to buy gloves (my hands are freezing~~) . You know, we were soooooo lucky! When we arrived Dalat that time, it was their flower festival! and this time is a more special Flower Festival. Coz it's their 55 years aniversary or something like tat. This special flower festival is held every 5 years. And we were so lucky to have this chance to witness this 5-years-once festival! There are dances, performance, flower competitions and so on.. WOnderful place! 


crazy house


elephant waterfall


nightscene in dalat taking pic with vietnamese

Nha Thrang - mudbath

Nha thrang is just a normal town near the river. The place of interest (to us) is the mudbath and hotspring spot. This is the first time i went for mudbath.. Ya.. bath of mud. Make urself totally 'brown' and muddy.. It's a very fun experience. And you will feel your skin is revitalized and 'has mineral' (mental psychological effect).  The mineral hotspring is fun too. But too bad, I don't want to post picture on this place. Coz it's a bit private ;P. But for your information, the pants i wore that time was thrown away coz it was too muddy and hard to clean (or i lazy to clean). Great experience.. must try there..

Hoi An - Taylor's city

Hoi An is the taylor's city. If you are a girl you probably amazed by this town. It has a 'china town' look. All the buildings are like chinese style. And the speciality of this place is the taylors. It is called taylor's town because almost everywhere has a taylor shop. They can help you taylor ur shirt, customize it and create it for you. Many people stopped by here to do some ball dress, cheongsam, format shirt and so on. And the price is cheaper too. I did one shirt for my mom. And i had no idea on how to do it.. I asked my mom what's her waist inches, shoulder, ... Then the shirt is totally up to me. The taylor asked me how to do it how to do it. But i also dunno how to answer, coz i really dunno how to do it. Then i simply point to a picture that it seems nice suited to my mom, and i asked the taylor to do that to me. Then i have to choose cloth materials, lol.. i dun have idea which is nicer or best.. swt.. totally made me swt! If my mom or sis came here, definitely they willl know wat to do.. Girls, mz come here, it's like a fashion town here!

the taylor city.. 

Hue - nothing much

There is nothing much in Hue, an ordinary city. We spent our christmas here. And the bad thing was i got a bit emo that time... So we have a separated christmas celebration. Anyway, i was not feeling so well and wanted to vomit. tat;s one of the reasons that make me emo too. I ate biscuits with Wen Pin. this is our celebration. It seems simple, but i enjoy it and appreciate it. It's one of the happiest christmas. :)  

imperial palace of hue

Hanoi - the capital; the football match

Finally, we reached Hanoi. We had been dreaming bout reaching Hanoi while we were suffering during the journey in Laos. swt. Hanoi is a very beautiful places with good weather. Wah.. memorable place. It is less 'city-like' compared to Saigon. But it is very very nice.. Out of adjectives to describe it. One interesting thing is the ASEAN football match. I'm not sure what the competition was named. But it was the competition between countries in ASEAn, if i'm not mistaken. When we were there that time, it's the final match between Thai and Vietnam. While the game started, every resident in Hanoi has already prepared to 'celebrate'. They have prepared flags anywhere. I was a bit curious. How could they so sure they will win the match. Coz they really prepare to celebrate it adi. Lol, and true enough, and lucky enough for us to see Vietnam won. I heard it was the first time out of N years, Vietnam won the championship. THe whole Hanoi city was crazy! They shouted, screamed, shouted, screames, waving their flags around the city. They were all crazy! I shall attach a video clip captured by Kylie ( i dun hav it yet).

Anyway, we stayed in Hanoi for one night then we had to go to Halong Bay (follow tour).

near the Angkian Lake (simply spell) 还剑湖

night scene

Ha Long Bay  - breathe-taking view

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful natural place in the world. We all spent the whole day on the ship. And we had much fun there, enjoying the scenery, playing cards with friends from different places, eating delicious food... Yummy! (well we paid much for that tour). We met our new 'family' there. Family consists of Malaysian, Vietnamese, Australian and Korean. lol... 

take pic with our 'family'

the scenery.. see the calm unpolluted water, and feel the sea breeze.. great!

in a cave near halong bay

Back to Hanoi

We quickly rushed back to Hanoi just to celebrate New year. ps: lazy d.. to be continued.