Thursday, April 16, 2009

ooh... 12 mins more to my bday


12 minutes more to my birthday.. I've been receiving presents and wishes from many friends d.. very happy tonight, though it's still not my birthday.. 

It's always good to think that someone is still care of you... Made you think that you aren't lonely.. ANd now, i'm exactly having this kind of feeling.. Very blissful. 

I'm not expecting a birthday party... really. I know everyone is busy, and it's hard for them to gather around to celebrate it.. I love the wishes anyway.. which are purely sincere.. So far, i didnt hear any insincere wishes yet.. It's so touched.. lol.. birthday birthday.. is tat really that important? or is it a day to let me appreciate the friends and family who I care and care about me. Oh~~ I'm so blissful now.. hehe.. thanks everyone.. ^^ 

still have 9 mins count down to my birthday...  ooh~! i'm going to be one of the ty-agers... no longer teenager. swt.. Hey, ty-agers gang, I'm joining u... in 8 minutes time.. Welcome me? hehe..

20, 20.. feels like wawasan 2020.. haha.. what's my wawasan for this age? lol.. Havent thought of.. wait till my birthday first hehe...

i finished the 'tong sui' made by biao mei~ hehe.. the whole container o. full full.


Chiang Jinn said...

happy birthday to u

Wei Han said...

thanks again o..
u are in the 'wish me many times' list. ;)