Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being a Fool

Do you have a friend who gets emo easily and never tell people why he/she is emo-ing about? It will leave you guessing and wondering in what sense you offended that person and caused the emo. Well, I used to have such a friend.

It was a kind gesture for me, yesterday night, to advise or remind to him that speaking out could be better, rather than letting people guessing and wondering what they had done that made him emo. My theory is simple: If the emoness is a result of miscommunication or misunderstanding, then the emoness can be resolved quickly. Thus reducing the duration and frequency of his emoness. Oh well, as expected, he disagreed with my way of handling emoness. Oh fine~ it's not that I expect him to say "oh yeah, thanks for telling, I will try to change". It's more like a "just for you to know" advice. If he takes it, then good; if he doesn't, at least I did my part as a friend.

However, things got uglier when I started to further convince/persuade him on my points. He said, that's just my personal opinion and the reason i told him this is for benefit of myself. (What?!? How does that benefit me!?) Anyway, I told him that some of our mutual friend did tell me about this, so it's not just my personal opinion, some other friends also have the similar thoughts. At that moment, suddenly he went berserk, asking me to stop judging him, (Oh? that's how he defines 'judge'?) who do I think I am to judge him and etc. Judging him? if he isnt a close friend of mine, ermm.. i mean if he wasn't a close friend of mine, i wouldn't even bother to tell him that. Telling the ugly truth needs a lot courage and strong friendship for that to happen, well, i guess our friendship is totally fragile then.

After he had gone mad, I told him if he doesn't agree with the point is okay, but there's no need to be emo about it, just ignore my advice/opinion if so. And this is the time he uses the famous analogy: " If i slap you, and say just ignore that, can or not?" When I listened to that 'analogy', I was actually having some thunderstorm in my heart, yeah anger. In his mind, my kind advice as a friend is equivalent to a slap?? If i knew he think like this, I rather slapped him hard since he probably thinks is the same, and perhaps i have more pleasure doing so. And finally, he continued went berserk and asked me to get lost.

Get lost, first time in my life people said that to me, not in a kidding tone. And it's after my effort of trying to be a good friend. Yes, I knew it beforehand that he isnt a person who likes to listen to these. But, I just couldn't resist myself to tell him that. To me, it's a responsibility of being a close friend, inform and remind that friend about the weakness, at least in my opinion. Hey, u don't wanna listen then it's okay. I just wanted to let you know what I think and what some others might think. Who knows one day you might realize what i said was right.. or if that day doesnt happen, it's alright. I just trying to be a friend, wanting to let you know, the impression u give to others when u emo. I expect you to be defensive, but not to be aggresive! I told one of my friends about this 'incident'. And my friend actually said, if i said that to him,he would thank me for telling him this. Okay, it was nice to hear that. Anyway, I did not expect to be appreciated and thanked for doing this, that's not my purpose anyway. I just want him to be a better person, at least in my own opinion. And what did i get in return? "GET LOST."

So, in conclusion, I'm trying to do a friend's duty to advice/remind a friend about his weakness and he took that as 'a slap' instead of a kind gesture and asked me to get lost. Hmmm.. what do we call this kind of person, trying to be good but ended up being 'appreciated' so badly? I call that, a fool.

Ah... and I'm that stupid fool.