Friday, January 14, 2011

Just another 'Hooray' post.

Hooray! My holiday is ending. My body hates resting.
Hooray! My FYP progress is very slow. Wont give stress to other coursemates.
Hooray! My supervisor gonna scold me and give me low grade. Can let my friends chuin back me.
Hooray! Gonna start doing irritating projects/assignments soon. Time to show off my crapping ability.
Hooray! Gonna eat dirty, unhealthy and polluted food. The best thing is, it even tastes bad.
Hooray! Gonna get attacked by mosquitoes swarm in hostel. An opportunity to do good deeds.
Hooray! Gonna wake up early and go to class. I love waking up early.
Hooray!.. Hooray~ err.. what else? No more? I guess my life isnt as great as i expected.

There's something to be sad though.. I am going to grad soon! Hahahaha! Why am i laughing for such a depressing thing? I'm just weird. LOL


SexyMama said...

hooray...i...grad d? lol~

Wei Han said...

lol.. a hooray for u.

Xjion89 said...

Hoorayyyyy, i am oso in the same situation><