Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wilford Ong

Those who have my MSN know that Wilford Ong is indeed me.

Yes, I got myself a new English name. Some say that's a 'Christian name', but since i'm 0% christian, i don't like to call that as my christian name. It has been a while since i decided to use 'Wilford' as my new English name. Many asked, why 'Wilford'? and why a new English name?

Trust me, I used to think 'Wei Han' was adequate. I like my name, although it's rather common. There were so strangers thought I was another 'Wei Han' whom they familiar with. Anyway, i started to change my mind when i was having my internship in Accenture. Well, the first reason, i would say: peer pressure/influence. Almost 80% or more chinese (could be non-Christians) have English names. The second reason, it seems like my name does not have 'ease to remember' trait. Except chinese-educated colleagues/friends, others have great difficulty in remembering or calling my name. When I introduce myself as "Wei Han", Malays usually repeat my name as 'Rei Han' for unknown reasons. For non-chinese-educated chinese (so called the bananas), they have no trouble repeating my name, but they have no trouble in forgetting my name as well. For foreigners, they couldn't even have the ability of calling my name UNLESS they know the exact spelling of my name.

Triggered by those thoughts, I further convince myself to have a new English name due to the arguments below:
  1. Teachers / lecturers call me 'Ong' 
  2. Some friends call me 'Wei' (well, i really dont like that)
  3. I can only accept a very close person to call me 'Han', else i will feel geli (disgusted). lol
  4. Isnt it joyous to be able to name myself? 'Wei Han' given by parents; 'Wilford' given by me myself.
Okay, next question: Why Wilford?
Giving credit to my ex-roommate, Charles, who are so passionate in helping me to search for my new name. I personally like a name starts with 'W'. And we actually get a list of 'W' names from a website. I've shortlisted 5 names from that list and I asked opinions from someone, okay, well, my gf. And that's the one she chose (though i'm not really sure if she remembers that). Of course, i personally like the name Wilford for these reasons:

  1. It feels mature, something that i want myself to have. 
  2. It doesn't sound bad. It looks nice (in words) to me. 
  3. Well, some people might not like the '' part. If so, you can just break it up and call me Wil or Will, eitherway.
  4. 'Wil....' part represents Will, another thing that i want myself to have. A strong will is the key to success, for me. It seems like my will is much weaker than my ability/potential.

Yeah, i know. My friends will be shocked to see this 'stranger' name appear in their instant messenger. I expect that to happen. My friends will say 'Wilford' sounds weird or not suitable to me. I expect that to happen too. Some friends will tease and laugh at it. As expected either. All it requires is time to accept. If my name was Woon Ping, and i change my name to Wei Han. I'm sure you all will feel awkward too. It takes time for 'the name to really be mine', I believe.

Anyway, if you still feel totally absurd to call me Wilford. No problem. I like 'Wei Han' a lot, and you are free to call me Wei Han if you want. Ihe new name is meant for my new friends and mostly colleagues in the future. Those who have familiar with Wei Han, just stick with Wei Han will do. Coz, frankly, sometimes i feel weird when my old friends call me Wilford too. lol.        


KahJoon_AJ said...

haha,can I stick to weihan??but at least now i know u have a new name 'wilford' d...^^

Xjion89 said...

i wonder who is Wilford Ong frm MSN tim..hehehee~