Sunday, January 8, 2012

Travelling & Vacation

Was glancing through my friend's blog --> on his vacation in Paris.

Oh well, I have to admit, I'm just glancing through.. looking at the pictures only.. I've been too lazy to read them all. It's not that I am about to go visit that place anytime soon; i've never pictured myself being in Paris anyway.
And that's the issue! I've never pictured myself in Paris or elsewhere.. It's like a dream to me.. Is it my destiny to stuck in Msia whole time?

Thinking bout winter.. thinking bout friendly people.. and thinking bout going wild from my  'shell' that serves to protect my image. I'm a coward.. and i actually wanna run away from many things.. i suppose having a vacation at a place far far away would give me some mental sanctuary, i hope.

Going alone, seems too lonely.. although there's more freedom, flexibility and perhaps some lone ranger's joy. But I wouldnt survive. I know i'm not a independent type of person, though i'm not too dependent either. I would prefer someone to be togetherwhen we had hardship.. or enjoy the precious moments. Joy is to be shared.. If we couldn't share our happiness with others, perhaps the happiness is not much of a happiness in that case.

Anyway, i'm babbling too much. Even myself not really sure what's the motive of posting this. Is this an invitation post to others so that they could invite me for trip along? haha.. Probably yes!


Bong Way Kiat said...

If i wasn't in the state which i am in right now (u know what i mean!), i would definitely invite u for my next trip since i normally would travel alone~
Now I just have to follow/join someone

mushroom said...

save ur credit then u can go with ur family someday ;)