Friday, January 20, 2012

Nostalgic Songs

I’m listening songs.. instead of playing the recent playlist, this time I play all the old + new songs in shuffle mode.  Some songs really give me nostalgia. How magical music is!
There are certain songs that have hidden link to certain people. When I listen to that song, immediately I will link that song to that person. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Jay’s 稻香 reminded me of my Indochina trip, as I use that song as my alarm.. Damn good to be used as alarm, with the ‘nature’ sounds in the starting of the song.  WenPin, Calvin, Kylie, still remember how early we had to wake up to see sunrises? Lol. I remember the exact moment we had to climb up early and sit at the freaking cold tuk-tuk. 

We Walk by The Ting Tings directly links to Wernyet. He was the one who recommended me this song. I wouldn’t like this song, not until he told me to imagine the feeling of ‘walking’ to class(somewhere) while listening this song.

Jolin’s 骑士精神 no doubt reminded me of KeanZhi with our high school lyrics memorizing spree. Well, we did sing quite badly, but we enjoyed it. People around us surely hate us. Ah.. I remember another song: 舞娘 by Jolin. He surely knows why I would relate this song to him.

Soba ni Iru Ne (J pop) and Greatest (Gaga) totally reminded me of someone. You know who. It was one of the greatest moments. I miss it, I really do.

Who’s that chick by Rihanna and Billionaire by Bruno Mars reminded me of my ex-roommate Tee. He made me like the song, Billionaire. Who’s that chick is the song we always listen in radio while driving out to lunch & dinner. Of coz, this includes the gang JuiBoon and Chang Hua.

Yeng Lee’s brought me classic old songs..  the one that I remembered most is 相愛很難 by Jacky Cheong and Kak Mui. Realllly really a very touching and loving song.

张玉华’s 雪花飘 and her other songs are definitely my brother’s influence. Without him, I wouldn’t even know who’s the singer. 

Ah Mei’s 我最亲爱的 reminded me with Wansin, for some reason that I’m sure she knows why. Miss singing K with her, one of the best K-mates. Although sometimes she will ter-cry while singing… :O lol.

Zombie by cranberries reminded me of Fahmi, my neighbor.. last time while I was in foundation. Haha. He played guitar on this song I guess or his roommate/blockmate. A very great song, I would like to hear him singing again.

Jay’s 我不配 made me think of Wen Pin, and also Yeng Lee. I actually miss the moments where we sang loudly in YengLee’s room. Haha. So sorry to the neighbors for the sound pollution.

I dunno why, but LeeHom’s心跳 made me think of Joon Heng. Although I’m very thankful that he introduced me the legendary “A thousand years” by C.Perri. That’s so amazing! And also, his 你是我的小小鸟 is pretty memorable too. The shrieking voice is not easily produced by any human being. lol

Guess what, Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars reminded me of Talung told me how ZeHao kacau and woke him up just to ask him simple question about this song. Lol.

Beyonce’s Listen -> definitely Talung. He exposed me to this song, not by Beyonce’s voice, but his own voice. You ought to listen to him singing this song. It’s awesome! If he’s singing the other bitchy songs, forget it, you can go for toilet break or something.. there’s no need to stay and listen. Lol.

Lady gaga’s born this way is direct influence by Kar Kar (Kar Wai).. He’s a super duper gaga fan. Totally a living gagapedia.. I think you can get any answer related to gaga from him.

Richard is the one who introduced me CN Blue’s Love. It’s totally amazing! Not much Kpop could attract me that deeply though.

Okay, Better in Time by Leona Lewis links me to TetKhiun. It has been his caller ringtone for quite a long duration few years ago.. Still expecting to listen this C.R.Tone when I called him, haha.

Freeloop reminded me of my another bro, phooi nam. I recall listening this song in his car. Love being the passenger rather than the driver.. enjoy being fetched home. Haha. Had a great outings back then when I was at KL.

Vanilla Twilight by Owlcity links me to Chang Hua; or also known as Vanilla Ice cream by him.  A very nice song if you really listen it with full focus.

There’re still many other nostalgic songs in my mind.. But I suppose I should not make this post any longer.. Don’t be disappointed if your name isn’t mentioned here, maybe next time.. (or Never! <-that’s more likely the truth, lol.) Good night, everyone. Perhaps you would like to download the songs I mentioned up there. There were all worth listening if you hadn’t listened them before. I’m sure everyone has their song-diary like mine. Songs are magical, don’t you agree? ;) 


Xjion89 said...

相愛很難, my fav

Happy Chinese New Year (^^)
hv a great Dragon Year!

r u in Ipoh nw ooo?