Thursday, October 21, 2010

Relationship between Emo and Age

Do you think your emo rate is higher than before?  I do. It's weird though. Supposingly people get more experienced when they are older, and thus should be able to manage their emotion better. Apparently it is not.

Perhaps we are still receiving new kind of challenges that our emo management cannot handle. Or maybe we do not even develop the proper emo management skills. Sometimes, i just feel ridiculous that some small tiny winy problems can make me moody. Yes, it is frustrating, but i know there are many more other even worse things happening (for other people), and i am feeling sad/emo for such a minor thing? Knowing is one thing, feeling is another thing. I know that i should not feel moody for small things like these, but yet, i am still feeling emo. Maybe i'm more of a feeling person instead of a thinking person (which is further proven by some personality tests)

Anyway, i'm interested to go for any emotion management courses. Like one of my friends said, i am a little bit extreme (not moderate) on my emotion. Too easily become overjoyed, and too easily become sad. Imbalance, i think. Perhaps emotion management courses can balance it up. Is there any cheap (or free) emotion management courses/talks available?

Sometimes, i am a bit envy with my old me which is much more cheerful than now. Is it applied to everyone that when a person gets older, the happiness rate will decrease while emo rate increases? If that's true, i'm really feeling sorry for those who are sad even when they are young. It means they will be more sad when they are older? Assuming the theory is true, let's have more fun while we can,  since we are going to be more sad in the future. What a theory.

In any depression or desperate situation, i think i can tell myself :"Well, at least i used to be happy."


SexyMama said...
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SexyMama said...

ha ha ha...normally i emo for 5 minutes only
life is too short for us to be emo

Xjion89 said...

update loh~~~