Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conversations with my Projects

Settings: In a very sad, dark, and solemn room. 6.50pm on Wednesday.
Main Characters: Me, Final Year Project (FYP), Information Technology Project Management Project (ITPMP)
Background: ITPMP is jealous because I don't seem to touch her for past few weeks. And she is arguing with me and she is accusing me for favoring FYP over her.

ITPMP : How could you do that to me?
Me       : Do what to you?
ITPMP : You ignored me and you like FYP more?
FYP     : No, he doesn’t.
Me       : Shhh... (to FYP), why did you say that? (to ITPMP)
ITPMP : It has been months before you touch me. (No sexual thoughts please)
Me       : What? We just submitted a progress report on you last Monday!
ITPMP : Well, you just fake that one out. We both know you never do anything about me.
Me       : (guilty) but… you are just too difficult to start with.
ITPMP : You are the one who proposed to do this system, and now you put the blame on me?  (cry out loud)  And.. and… you treat FYP much better than to me.
FYP     : Nonsense! he hasn’t touched me for weeks. Everyday I see him dealing with Personal Finance  Research Paper (PFRP), and International Finance Project (IFP) only.
PFRP   : (Angry) Don’t simply say! He has been playing with ITPM Case Study that bitch. It seems like he is  rather enjoying it.
FYP     : So you are being neglected as well? Welcome to the family!
Me       : Quiet Please! Their due dates earlier, of course I have to spend more time with them before they      ‘passed away’. Be compassionate please, you all.
ITPMP : (Sobbing) But you abandoned me for months! MONTHS!!
FYP     : ITPMP, just deal with it. Don’t cry like a baby. It’s annoying.
ITPMP : (Cry even louder)
Me       : Okay okay, I will deal with you (ITPMP) after……
ITPMP : (happier) after what? After what?
Me       : …After I finished FYP’s interim report..
ITPMP : What!?
FYP     : (big grin) Finally it’s my turn.
PFRP   : (bugging) How about me? How about me?
FYP     : (stare at PFRP) You? You slowly wait your turn la. Your due date hasn’t even been announced. And   I’m on due coming Wednesday. You can’t compete with me! Hahaha.
Me       : Er.. Sorry FYP, I forget that tomoro is due date for IFP. So, today… err.. kinda have to ignore you.
FYP     : WHAT? Then how about tomoro?
Me       : Friday is.. ITPM Case Study’s due… (oops)
FYP     : I thought you already finished them? Are you trying to cheat me?
Me       : I had finished my part, but I still have to compile them and check errors. It takes time… especially..
FYP     : Zzz
Me       : I know you all are impatient.. I had uploaded a table on your due dates. So, you all can somehow  figure out your priority based on the table. Don’t disturb me anymore.
ITPMP : You ignore me! Fine! Don’t regret.. Semester is going to end. And you need to develop a prototype  for presentation later. And you haven’t started anything yet.. Later you are going to give trouble to  yourself!
Me       : (worried) errm.. er… But your actual due date is not known yet.
ITPMP : You won’t have time when you find out the actual due date. Hmmp~ (left without bringing a cloud    [Chinese idiom]) 
Me       : She is right.. (Thinking)
PFRP   : (Disturbing) How about me?? How about me??
Me       : Shut up PFRP!