Monday, January 21, 2013


A random thought after watching a competition/game where the winner was very happy and the loser was very sad.

We all know the winner was basically ecstatic, feeling very proud and having a great sense of achievement. Happy ending for the winner. good.

But, the sad part of the story is the loser, who was actually shedding tears of sadness, feeling deeply disappointed and blaming self for the incompetence.

Well, i know fair competition motivates and improves people's performance. but is it true that one way of making humans feeling happy is to prove/feel themselves more superior than the others? I think it's true and it doesn't sound like a good thing. To me, it's like building happiness over others' sadness.

You dont think it's true? Then tell me, do you feel good when you are excel in something compared to the others? You might say, you are feeling happy because u are good in it, not because you are better than the rest. Well, if you are not better than others, then you wouldnt be good in it, and you wouldn't really feel happy over it. Think about this, do you feel happy that you have the capability to eat and breathe? no, you don't. Coz everyone else can. And if you really do feel happy about being capable to eat and breathe, it's because you compared yourself to people who cant.. and that's why you are feeling happy over it. And again, back to my point, you are happy because you are better than the rest.


Xjion89 said...

Happy Chinese New Year(^^)

win or lose not important, as long as you are happy ~