Thursday, January 15, 2009

My diary on 6th Jan

I woke up when I heard the conversation between Calvin and Wen Pin. I was supposed to wake up at 6.00 am instead. Swt… Unable to back to sleep, I did my last packing to make sure everything was well packed in my big luggage. Today, finally, I was going to leave Hanoi!

After finish preparing, the taxi was already down there waiting to fetch us. It costs us 12USD for the taxi, not too expensive actually despite the distance from the hotel to the airport. Feeling a bit disappointed as I couldn’t eat the Doner Kebab in Hanoi before I left Vietnam. I was thinking how to spend the remaining 15000 Dong (Vietnam Dong) in Vietnam. 


Reached airport. We checked in our luggage. We were so worried that our luggage will exceed the weight limit (15kg). Of course, we didn’t want to pay more if it was over weight. Luckily, all our luggages passed the test. But, imagine, I brought around 5.3 kg from Malaysia to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and returned back with 13.8 kg. Bought too much things I guess.. haha. I spent my remaining Vietnam currency to buy sweets and bread as breakfast. Then we were ready to get on board.


pic with a friendly stewardess in Hanoi Airport

9.00am (Vietnam time, one hour earlier than Malaysia time)

After going through all the customs and departure procedure, we went for a window shopping in all those duty free shops. All of them were expensive. I wonder was it really ‘duty free’. We took a picture with a gentle stewardess before we got in the plane. It was boring inside the plane. Trying to sleep but couldn’t. The seats were uncomfortable for us to sleep. But I shouldn’t complain for it, since we were using AirAsia, the low cost carrier. 

 take a picture while waiting to go back Malaysia 

1.30pm (Malaysia time)
After chit-chatting to get over with the boring moment, the plane finally was going to land. The sudden change on the pressure made my ears very painful. Perhaps I was suffering from flu and thus I was the only one who was in pain. Calvin, Wen Pin and Kylie seemed fine. It was torturing… At last, the plane landed on LCCT and the suffering was ended. However, the effects of the pressure made my ears 50% deaf. (even until now, I am still 75% deaf) I was happy returning back Malaysia. It had been quite sometime I never see any Malays and Indians. And people speaking Malay and Cantonese but not Vietnamese. Glad that I could understand what people were saying. 

I had to get on my bus by 2.10pm. And I was still waiting for my luggage to come out. I plan was ruined. I planned to eat McD before I got on the bus but due to the delay of the flight and some procedures, I couldn’t follow my plan. I ran with my luggage after my luggage was out and said goodbye to my friends. By the time I rushed to the bus waiting spot, it was already 2.12pm. Luckily the bus is still there, it departed LCCT one minute later after I got into the bus. The only sad thing was I had to skip my lunch. 

Oh… what a familiar place. Medan Gopeng, Syuen Hotel, Stadium Ipoh, Tesco, Tesco Extra and finally Bercham, the place I’m staying. After going on for the Indochina trip for 35 days, finally I back home! Happy to see my parents and glad to show them what I have bought from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Unpacked my luggage and ‘set up’ my laptop, my lovely laptop that I miss every single day.

Didn’t have much time to chat as I was going to have my dinner. Long time never ate so much already. So glad I was back home. However, I still couldn’t get used to the weather here. It’s so hot! 

Chat a little bit, and started typing this post. Got quite some number of people welcomed me back. Haha but sorry I didn’t give much response to them as I am typing this. 

I would end it here. Oh~ can’t imagine I had returned home.